Todd Rundgren

Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, NJ

Todd Rundgren
Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, NJ 12/1/2017
​by Dennis Morgillo

The only thing in life that is certain is change. And no one changes more than Todd Rundgren. Todd has had an amazing eclectic career. Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Engineer, 60’s Garage, Philly Blue Eyed Soul, Prog, Rap, Electronica, you name it, he did it. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew not to expect an oldies show. I was however, very surprised when the show turned out to be a lavish multimedia production complete with dancers, choreography, and multiple costume changes.

The show opened with Todd in a dark suit, red tie and crisp white shirt. The band matched. The lovely backup singers Ashle Worrick, and Grace Yoo - known as the Global girls were in black rubber mini skirts and geisha girl wigs. Who knew that Todd was such a good dancer? He paced the stage, danced and sang the entire night with the energy of a 20 year old. His voice has never been better. 

The show consisted of songs mostly from Todd’s latest albums State(2013), Global(2015) and his latest masterpiece White Knight(2017). Every song was more melodic than the next. Todd is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and no one can outdo him when it comes to singing the Blue Eyed Soul. 

Todd has assembled an amazing band with Greg Hawkes(Cars) on Keyboards, Prairie Prince(Tubes) on Drums, longtime Bassist extraordinaire Kasim Sulton, and Jesse Gress on Guitar. Gress shined on ‘This is Not a Drill’ from White Knight. The original guitar parts were recorded by Joe Satriani. 

The video screens, and multimedia productions were like another member of the band, and played an integral part of the show. ‘Tin Foil Hat’ (White Knight), which features Donald Fagen, was not even played live. The video was shown on the screen in its entirety. It was very ironic that during ‘Tin Foil Hat’, a large man in the crowd actually wearing a tin foil hat, was thrown out of the concert for causing a disturbance. I am convinced that if this were 1984, ‘Tin Foil Hat’ would be a #1 single and in heavy rotation on MTV and on every radio station.  

Todd changed into a white leather vest, zebra pants and rocker sunglasses for the encore. The encore consisted of the Utopia song ‘One World’, and then the classics ‘Hello It’s Me’ and ‘Just One Victory’. The crowd sang along, smiled and some cried to the beautiful melodies and memories. Thanks Todd. 

White Knight is album of the year for 2017, and this may be tour of the year! 
Forget Bruce on Broadway, we need Todd on Broadway.

Set List:        
Come (White Knight 2017)
Truth (Liars 2004)
Evrybody (Global 2015)
Rise (Global 2015)
Look at Me (White Knight)
Sir Reality (State 2013)
Deaf Ears (White Knight)
Buffalo Grass (One Long Year 2000)
Strike (Arena 2008)
Secret Society (Utopia - POV 1985)
This Is Not a Drill (White Knight)
Tin Foil Hat (White Knight)
Beginning (Of the End) (White Knight)
Love Science (2nd Wind 1991)
Sweet (Liars 2004)
Party Liquor (State 2013)
Past (Liars 2004)
Chance for Us (White Knight)
No World Order 
Buy My T (White Knight)
God Said (Liars 2004)
One World (Utopia)
Hello It's Me
Just One Victory
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