The Monkees

State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

The Monkees
State Theatre
New Brunswick, NJ
October 26, 2016

It’s hard to believe it was 50 years ago that Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz were picked to star in the new TV show The Monkees! Millions of albums sold, and millions of miles later, here we are again partying with our old friends for what may be the last time. The 50th Anniversary Tour has brought the Monkees to the historic and beautiful State Theatre in New Brunswick NJ. A beautiful 100 year old theatre once described as the finest in the state and NJ’s Carnegie Hall.  

Even though Davy has left us, and Nesmith has chosen to sit this one out, Mickey and Peter still have a lot of fire left in them. The band has a lot going on, they are not just a nostalgia act. They are touring on the heels of an incredible new album featuring songs written by artists influenced by the Monkees legacy, such as Weezer, Paul Weller of the Jam and Oasis.  

The concert was all that I expected and then some. Mickey and Peter were in great spirits, having the time of their lives. Laughing, joking, singing, dancing and having a ball. Their voices were strong and they showed off their skills, playing drums, guitar, banjo and keyboards. 
We got in our way back machines and we listened to Davy singing some of our favorite songs along with the band. There was not a dry eye in the house. It was a beautiful touching tribute to our old friend who we all loved. 

A visually dazzling, multimedia spectacle, I didn’t know whether to look at the band or the huge screen behind them, which played clips from the Monkees history. We were transported back to a time, when they were young, when we were young. Back to a time when the world was still young, and innocent. We got to see Davy, Mickey, Peter and Mike frolicking without a care. Cavorting on the screen with Julie Newmar, Ruth Buzzi and Lon Chaney Jr.

And oh let’s not forget about the Music. ‘Daydream Believer’, ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’, ‘Mary Mary’, ‘Steppin Stone’, ‘Little Bit Me Little Bit You’, ‘Last Train to Clarksville’. Unlike other bands, when the Monkees play new songs off their latest album, there is not a mad dash for the bathrooms. The new songs are great. ‘She Makes Me Laugh’ written by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, A beautiful acoustic song ‘Me and Magdalena’ and a fun summer song ‘You Bring the Summer’.  They closed the show with ‘I’m a Believer’, which Mickey prefaced with “We played this song way before Shrek”.  What a great time. As the crowd was coming down, Mickey and Peter did the ‘Monkees’ walk, arm in arm, off the stage, and into the darkness.   

The world will never see a phenomenon like the Monkees again. I am glad I got to witness it. 
Thanks Guys! See you in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
Author - Dennis Morgillo

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