The Best Afros

The Afro - The Definitive List

In the 1960's the Afro emerged as a symbol for Black beauty, liberation and pride.

Black Men, Women and Children all over the world, threw away their hair processing products, and went natural, maybe adding a little 'Afro Sheen'. 

Jet and Ebony Magazine, Black Power, Afro picks, Blaxploitation films, Soul Train,  it was way more than just a hairstyle. It was a hair movement. 

Of course there were many amazing 'fros out there, but we are picking the most famous from the world of entertainment. Men, Women, athletes, musicians, and actors. It runs the gamut, but they all put a smile on my face, as they take me back to the 1960's and 70's, when the 'fro ruled the earth. 

What makes an amazing afro? Is it size, shape, sheen? For me it's all the above and more. We did not classify them in any particular order. They are all cool. Just for laughs, we also included a section on the embarrassing phenomenon of the 'Jew Fro' and the perm.
Billy Preston

​Billy Preston was the incredibly talented gap tooth singer, songwriter, keyboardist, sometimes known as the 5th Beatle. Billy had huge hits with 'Nothing From Nothing', 'Outta Space', 'Will it Go Round in Circles' and many more. He mixed Gospel, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk and Rock into his own sound.
Marsha Hunt

Marsha is an American actress, novelist, singer and model. She achieved national fame when she appeared in London as Dionne in the long-running rock musical Hair. She enjoyed close relationships with Marc Bolan and Mick Jagger, who is the father of her only child Karis.
According to Hunt, The Rolling Stones' controversial hit song "Brown Sugar" was based on her, as well as a few other Stones songs. She has written three novels, as well as three volumes of autobiography, which include a frank account of life as a breast cancer sufferer.

Julius Erving (Dr J)

Erving won three championships, four Most Valuable Player Awards, and three scoring titles with the ABA's Virginia Squires, New York Nets, and the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. He is the eighth-highest scorer in ABA/NBA history with 30,026 points (NBA and ABA combined). He was well known for slam dunking from the free throw line in slam dunk contests and was the only player voted Most Valuable Player in both the ABA and the NBA. Who could forget Dr. J with that red white and blue ball, and his afro gliding in the air!

Pam Grier

Pam Grier was the Queen of the Blaxploitation films. The cinema's first female action star. Pam starred in the 70's classics, "The Bird Cage", "Coffy", "Foxy Brown" and "Sheba Baby", and is still making movies and TV shows.
Clarence Williams III

Williams breakout role was as undercover cop Lincoln Hayes in the groundbreaking counterculture TV show 'Mod Squad'. Linc was the first Black guy on TV that looked like he would kick your ass at anytime. With his dark shades, hip talk, and giant 'fro, Linc was one bad ass mother!
Sly Stone

Sly Stone aka Sylvester Stewart, was a groundbreaking musician, singer and songwriter. Sly and the Family Stone was the first major American rock group to have a racially integrated, male and female lineup. They were pivotal in the development of Funk, Soul, R&B and Psychedelic Rock. Who could forget "Dance to the Music", "Everyday People", "I Want to Take You Higher" and many more. 
Oscar Gamble

If I had to pick the best Afro of all time, I would have to go with Oscar Gamble. It was huge, it was perfect. The way his helmet squeezed the afro into 2 puffs, was magic. Gamble was a MLB player, who played for 7 different teams over 17 seasons. A great player, and a great team mate, he was loved by all. 
Michael Jackson

Before he was the king of pop, he was a cute little kid with a nice afro. As he turned into a teenage, he had an awesome afro. It was mushroom shaped, perfectly coiffed, like a helmet. Now that's a 'fro.
Melba Moore

Damn, look at that 'fro! It is a masterpiece! Moore's Afro could be described as an atomic 'fro! Besides the Afro, Melba Moore was a talented singer and actress. 
Bern Nadette Stanis

Thelma! Stanis played Thelma on the hit 70's sitcom 'Good Times'. Stanis was incredibly beautiful, and was the dream of many boys in the 1970's. She wore her hair in many different styles, but we love her best with the Afro. Growing up, Stanis won many beauty pageants in her home state of NY.  
Phil Spector

Phil Spector was a genius producer, musician, songwriter and engineer who invented the famous 'Wall of Sound'. He produced hit songs for The Ronettes, The Crystals, John Lennon and The Ramones. During his murder trial, as he was about to take the stand, his lawyers begged him to come to court looking normal. Phil took that to mean, show up with a crazy, giant, permed out Afro!
Bob Ross

Is this a 'Jew Fro' or a Perm? Not sure but either way it is pretty cool. Bob Ross of course was the stoned out hippie TV instructional painter who implored us all to make 'happy little trees.'
Rob Tyner

Rob Tyner was singer for the outrageous, radical 60's rock band, The MC5. They scared the hell out of the establishment, carried guns, and started the White Panther Party. Tyner definitely has the best Afro on a white man I have ever seen. 
Art Garfunkel

Garfunkel is the golden voiced singer of Simon & Garfunkel and the owner of the best 'Jew Fro' of all time. His hair style resembled Larry from the 3 stooges but was a work of art. 
Robert Hegyes

Now here is a great example of a Puerto Rican Jew 'Fro. Robert Hegyes played Juan Epstein on the 70's sitcom Welcome Back Kotter. Very nice tight curls, good shape. Well done. Love Epsteins Mom.

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