Ted Nugent

Interview by Dennis Morgillo

Madhouse: Who is your Guitar Hero? Did you ever get to meet or thank them?  
Ted Nugent: There are many.  There simply would be no killer, soulful, authoritative music without Chuck and Bo! I have been blessed beyond measure to have jammed with so many of the greatest guitarist of all times including BB King, Chuck Berry, Eddie Van Halen, Brian may, Rick Derringer, Derek Saint Holmes, Ricky Medlocke, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mark Farner, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, and so many others. I graduated from and continue to genuflect at the altar of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, James Brown, Wilson Picket, Motown and the mighty Funkbrothers, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels and all the intense soulbrothers who established an incredible level of energy and dedication to raw primalscream kickass American R&B&R&R

Madhouse: Going to the White House must have been a cool experience. Did you ever have the chance to discuss music with the President?  What music does he enjoy? 
Ted Nugent: It certainly was damn special. We talked about our quality-of-life issues good bad and ugly. President Trump was genuinely interested in guitars, amplifiers, and all the founding fathers of killer American rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll. He was extremely tuned in to the street.

Madhouse: It's the 40th anniversary of your 'Cat Scratch Fever' Album. 
One of the most important and influential Hard Rock albums of all time. What do you recall about the writing and recording of the album?
Ted Nugent: I recorded my Cat Scratch Fever record back in 1977 with killer musicians, engineers, and producers who love the music just like I do. I don't write songs, so to speak, but rather unleash them from my fingertips, soul and scrotum.  Performing CSF and all my killer songs with my killer bands for all these killer music loving audiences every night every year is an indescribable joyous musical celebration beyond words. Every song and each gig has a life of its own and the spirit and energy of each night is off the charts stimulating on all human levels and beyond.

Madhouse: As one of the most influential guitarists, what do you look for when listening to other guitarists? What moves you - speed, soul, technical prowess, originality etc ? 
Ted Nugent: It's all about the groove, feel and touch.  Music is the soundtrack to life and electric guitars provide the ultimate musical authority. The spirit, flavor, drive, energy, sensuality, sexuality and attitude of killer guitar music has always turned me on and does so more today than ever.

Madhouse: What can we expect to see and hear in the current tour?  
Ted Nugent: Greg, Jason and I are the tightest most high-energy band in the history of the world. As always, you can expect sheer outrage and a ferocious animal dancemusic, soulmusic firebreathing soundtrack of freedom, attitude, liberty, spirit and all-American defiance of allthings status quo. Oh, yeah, and some killer lovesongs too. 

Madhouse: How many guitars are you bringing out on the current tour and do you have one current favorite?  
Ted Nugent: I have such an expansive arsenal of killer guitars that it’s hard to pick a favorite, so I always surround myself with a lot of them for specific and unique sounds, tones and adventure. I usually have about a dozen on tour with me.

Madhouse: Will there ever be a Ted Nugent Signature Guitar available for the masses to purchase? 
Ted Nugent: That certainly would be wonderful if Gibson or PRS figure it out.

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