Ted Nugent

BB King's, NYC

Ted Nugent at BB King's, NYC
By Dennis Morgillo
It’s the 40th Anniversary of the Landmark Album ‘Cat Scratch Fever’, and what better place to see Uncle Ted than in New York City. BB King’s was packed on this hot August night. They even removed the front tables, so there would be more standing room. It was a great pleasure to see Ted up close and intimate, as opposed to the Stadiums. There were no loincloths or Buffalos tonight, but there was a lot of ‘Kick Ass’, riff laden, Detroit Rock n Roll. It was as stripped down as you could get. Ted, his Guitar, Bass & Drums. This power trio made more noise and played with more feeling and emotion than 10 bands half his age could ever hope to.

Ted hit the stage with the Star Spangled Banner and broke into an amazing version of ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’. It was a night of riffs, grooves, soul and extended solos. Ted looked great and sounded even better. His Guitar playing is better than ever, and he is having a lot of fun up there.

There were a few mentions of politics, and ‘shitkickers’ being in NYC, but overall it was about the music. The funniest line of the night was when Ted was talking about the sorry state of the current music scene. “I could play country music, but I still have a dick”, joked Ted. The crowd roared with laughter.

Ted closed the show with 2 of the greatest bowel shaking, earth quaking riffs that Rock n Roll has ever heard. ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ and ‘Stranglehold’.  1970’s FM radio classics that have stood the test of time. For the encore, Ted pulled out all the stops with ‘The Great White Buffalo’.
It was an amazing night of feel good, foot stomping, monster classic,  music.

Whatever your politics, if you weren’t here, you missed a great night of old fashioned, guitar oriented Rock n Roll! If you let Politics get in the way of a good time, you are a fool.

Set list:
Star Spangled Banner
Baby Please Don’t Go
Free For All
Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
Need You Bad
Hey Baby
Fred Bear
Cat Scratch Fever
The Great White Buffalo
Photo Credit : Dennis Morgillo

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