Sweet Things, Motochrist

Bowery Electric, NYC

The Sweet Things 
The Bowery Electric 
March 16, 2019 
Article & Photographs by Lynn Cappiello 
The New York City music scene, along with fans of various ages, showed up in full force at The Bowery Electric to celebrate the “27th Barfday” of everyone’s favorite East Village dunderhead, Sam Hariss. And then, like we needed any more reasons to party, it also happened to be Danny Nordahl’s (Motorchrist, Faster Pussycat) birthday weekend as well. 
By the time I arrived at the venue, the party was in full swing, the room jam packed and The Sweet Things were getting ready to take over the stage. The Sweet Things are a New York City rock band formed in 2015 that features the talents of Dave Tierney (lead vox/rhythm guitar), Lorne Berhman (lead guitar/vocals), Sam Hariss (bass/vocals), and Darren Fried (drums/vocals) although tonight the skins were being beaten by Ralph Bouchara and Charlie Roth of The Liza Colby Sound sat in on the keyboard for a couple of tunes. These talented boys play some classic, gypsy rock n’ roll in the tradition of The New York Dolls, Izzy Stradlin, The Stones, Hanoi Rocks, and Johnny Thunders. 
The Sweet Things opened their set with the always entertaining “Cocaine Asslicker Blues” followed directly by “Drained" and a new song, “Dead or Worse”, off of their soon to be released debut album In Borrowed Shoes, On Borrowed Time. They went on to play a few more aptly-titled songs such as “Slags” and “Liquor Lighting,” followed by a rocking cover of Izzy Stradlin’s “Coke’n”.  During their rendition of The Georgia Satellites “Battleship Chains” Danny Nordhal jumped on stage to lend his voice .
During this rollicking set, the boys were up to their typical stage antics that included lots of fun interaction between themselves and the audience. Lorne plays a mean lead guitar and has the greatest smile evah.  Dave belted out the tunes flawlessly and Sam kept the rhythm going while doing his version of the Chuck Berry shuffle along with some other gnarly moves. They closed their set with “Love To Leave” a bluesy, rock and roll tune amplified by Dave’s gravelly voice and Heartbreakers-esque twin guitars.  Side note: “Love to Leave” was their first release (circa 2016) and won them critical acclaim across the board by indie rock n’ roll trendsetters.  
If you love authentic, no-hold-bars, sleazy rock n’ roll, keep your eyes and ears open for the release of The Sweet Things full length debut album In Borrowed Shoes, On Borrowed Time  produced by Wendigo Productions, LLC on Spaghetty Town Records.  You can check out the first single “Dead or Worse”, featuring Brian Hurd of Daddy Long Legs  playing harmonica, on all digital platforms.
The headliner of the evening was Los Angeles’ own Motochrist.  Motochrist is the lovechild of lead guitarist Marc Diamond (The Dwarves), singer/bass player Danny Nordahl, (Faster Pussycat, NY Loose, The Throbs), guitarist/singer Ricky Vodka (Humble Gods), and drummer Chad Stewart (Faster Pussycat and every other band you can possibly think of based in LA). They started the band in 1998 as a way to get free drinks and quickly gained a following by playing straight up guitar rock. Not hair rock, not heavy metal or any other sub-genre, just pure loud guitar driven rock n’ roll, and it is good…
This was my first time seeing Motochrist, I mean I know of the band members individually, I have seen a couple of them in other bands but never together on the same stage. I hate to even put this in writing but I had actually never even heard of Motochrist before this show (yes, I know, I was living under a rock for many years). I have to say that they were fantastic, pro’s to the end. I enjoyed the heck out of their set and am now a fan.
You can tell that this band has not just been playing together for a long time, but are good friends as well. Their onstage banter and camaraderie were as enjoyable as the music. I loved Danny’s little dialogs in between some of the tunes and the interactions between the band members. They don’t use a set list, which did not help me when it came time to write this because I am not familiar with their music, but  thanks to Ricky Vodka, who was kind enough to drop me digital downloads of their five albums, I was able to put titles to some of the songs that stood out for me such as “Holiday”, “Pretty Girls”, “Heads Are Gonna Roll”, and I cannot remember if they played this that night but I absolutely love “Marc Diamond”, from the intro, to the lyrics, to the insane guitar work, it is just a rocking fun song.  They were all solid tunes, chock full of hard-driven percussion, no-holds-barred guitar riffs and great lyrics.  The band played with such enthusiasm that their potent energy translated over to the audience who were  singing along and banging their heads with fists in the air.  Motochrist delivered a full set of straight up rock n’ roll that left everyone wanting more.
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