Wellmont Theater, Montclair, NJ

Slash - featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators
Wellmont Theater - Montclair, NJ - 10/1/2018
Review and Photos - Estelle Massry

Slash is Cool AF! Myles Kennedy sings like an angel! The Conspirators are  incredibly tight! What more could you ask for?

Of course I am a Guns n Roses fan, who isn't. But tonight is about Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. 

The new album just dropped "Living The Dream", and I had a chance to check it out. It is hard rockin' riff laden kick ass Rock n Roll ! It is chock full of Slash's signature riffs and masterful leads.  "Living The Dream" is pure, unadulterated Rock n Roll. Myles Kennedy's voice and the 'Conspirators' harmonies take this to a new level. Great Stuff.  

Besides being one of the coolest dudes in Rock n Roll, Slash is, of course, one of the best and most influential guitarists of our time. How many kids picked up a guitar after seeing Slash in his top hat, destorying that Les Paul. Slash is an icon and he oozes Rock n Roll!  
​​​Oh yeah what about the concert!? ​What a show!  Incredible! From Myles Kennedy’s silky smooth 3 octave vocal range to Slash’s blistering guitar solos, they did it all. 

It was nothing less than just an amazing set.  From their opener “Avalon” to their new single “Driving Rain” this was a high energy show. 

Brent Fitz and Todd “Dammit” Kerns more than held up the bottom end. They were absolutely monstrous in the rhythm section. Todd  Kerns harmonies with Myles and lead vocals on “Doctor Alibi” were spot on. 

They only performed one Guns n Roses song, and Slash’s solo on “Rocket Queen” was simply incredible.  Slash amazed with a show stopping guitar solo, and he didn't repeat 1 riff.  The man is amazing. How he doesn’t tire I’ll never know. He has Boundless energy and looks the same in his black 'Circle Jerks' T and signature Top Hat.

“Standing in the Sun” ,”Back from Cali”,and “Starlight” brought down the house.  The fans wanted more. They were clapping and chanting  for an encore. The band did not disappoint. For the encore, the band performed “Call of the Wild” and “Anastasia”.  They finished it off by standing on the edge of the stage with all 4 playing guitar – leaving us wanting more!

Buy the album. See the Show. What the world needs now is Slash. A lot of Slash! 
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