Robby Krieger

Bergen PAC, Englewood, NJ

Robby Krieger
Bergen PAC, Englewood, NJ
By Dennis Morgillo

Robby Krieger is a living legend. The guitarist for one of the greatest bands of all time, The Doors. Robby was integral to the Doors sound. His unique, innovative playing and songwriting were vital to the Doors legend.

The Robby Krieger Band includes Ty Dennis on Drums, and the Great Phil Chen on Bass.
Waylon Krieger, Robby’s son is the singer in the band. What are the odds that Robby would have a son that could sing Doors tunes? Well Waylon can definitely sing Doors tunes. He does a great job. He does not try to be Jim Morrison, Waylon is his own man and is just out there having fun with his Dad and doing his best, singing some great songs. Waylon is a fine musician in his own right, and was part of the band Bloodline in the 90’s with Joe Bonamassa.  A fine bunch of musicians and some of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

The Doors are one of my favorite bands, and Robby is one of my favorite guitarists. Robby has become a true virtuoso on the Guitar. Flawless solos, finger tapping, slide, complex jazz chords, he does it all.

The Doors have such an impressive catalog and left such a lasting legacy. I never met a Doors song I didn’t like. The crowd feels the same way on this night. The crowd sings along with every song. They know every word, every phasing. They love this band, and revere Robby. Jim Morrison is a God to some. Waylon knows this, and does an amazing job without falling into the Jim impersonation trap. Waylon nails it. The crowd appreciates him and shows the love. The rhythm section is tight and flawless.

The songs! Hit after hit! Masterpieces all of them. The soundtrack to a generation. I never got a chance to see The Doors of course, but I am so glad I got to see the Robby Krieger band. It was a night of pure joy. I got to hear some of the most amazing music ever recorded, by the man who was there in 1967.

Break on Through
Alabama Song
Back Door Man
Five to One
Moonlight Drive
Wild Child
When The Music’s Over
Peace Frog
Twentieth Century Fox
Riders on the Storm
People Are Strange
Maggie M’Gill
LA Woman
Soul Kitchen
Light My Fire

Photo Credit: Dennis Morgillo

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