Jack Bruce

Happy Birthday

John Symon Asher Bruce
May 14, 1943

Bishopbriggs, Lanarkshire, Scotland

In honor of Jack's birthday, we will celebrate by giving you some little known facts about the man. Happy Birthday Jack and thanks for the music sir!

1. Clapton says Clapton is God
Jack Bruce revealed that it was actually Eric Clapton himself who spray painted "Clapton is God" on walls all over England. "He was quite in love with himself, said Bruce. 

2. Bruce & Ginger Baker hated each other. 
It was hate at first sight. While Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were in The Graham Bond Organisation, they were famous for their fighting. Their volatile relationship included on-stage fights and the sabotage of one another's instruments. After Baker fired Bruce from the band, Bruce continued to arrive for gigs; ultimately, Bruce was driven away from the band after Baker threatened him at knifepoint. Bruce once threw a live grenade in Baker's bass drum. 

3. Turn it down
Jack Bruce often said Cream harmed his hearing. New Marshall amplifier stacks produced more power, and Jack Bruce pushed the volume levels higher, creating tension for Baker, who would have trouble competing with roaring stacks. Clapton spoke of a concert during which he stopped playing and neither Baker nor Bruce noticed. Clapton has also commented that Cream's later gigs mainly consisted of its members showing off.

4. Goodbye Cream
Bruce said that "Cream broke up because of his fighting with Ginger Baker. We were screaming at each other constantly. Every rehearsal and concert would end up with us punching each other or throwing things. Clapton was having a nervous breakdown and couldn't take it anymore. He left to form Blind Faith and Ginger Baker just followed him. Eric never invited Ginger to join Blind Faith, Ginger just showed up and would't leave. Eric was afraid of the madman."

5. Mountain
"Cream climbed the Ben Nevis Mountain in Scotland to take photos for the Disreali Gears album cover. We were all tripping on Acid and spent all day up there taking pictures. The next day, the photographer informed us that he forgot to put film in the camera!"

Jack Bruce was a Scottish musician, singer and songwriter known primarily for his contributions to the British supergroup Cream, which also included the guitarist-singer Eric Clapton and the drummer Ginger Baker. Bruce was selected as the eighth greatest bass guitarist of all time. "Most musicians would have a very hard time distinguishing themselves if they wound up in a band with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, but Jack Bruce was so gifted on the bass that he did it with ease." Remembering Jack Bruce on his birthday! 

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