Pat Benetar

St. George Theater, SI, NY

Pat Benetar & Neil Giraldo
The St. George Theater
Staten Island, NY - March 4, 2017

- Dennis Morgillo

Staten Island, NY - Pat Benetar & Neil Giraldo invited us into their living room for a very intimate acoustic evening. It wasn’t really their living room, it was the beautiful St. George Theater in Staten Island. The St. George is so inviting, and the acoustics are so warm, you felt like you were in the duos actual living room. 

The show started out by giving us a nice slide show of Benetar & Giraldos enduring partnership and musical journey, which has spanned over 38 years. The duo were brought together in 1979, and have been together in every sense of the word ever since. 19 top 40 hits and 2 children followed. 

It was a beautiful night. Celebrating love and music, with story telling and humor. It was great to hear all the stories of how the songs came about. Where and how the song was written. A rare insight into the lives of an incredible musical couple. The duo was witty, charming and were having lots of fun. 

Benetar sitting on a stool, looked beautiful and sounded even better.  Giraldo sang, played keyboards and beat the heck out of his acoustic guitar. 

Lets not forget about the songs. The soundtrack of our lives, stripped down to the basics. A voice and a guitar. It was a special treat to hear these FM radio, MTV classics in a different way. 

‘Promises in the Dark’, ‘We Belong’, ‘Love is a Battlefield’, & ’Hit Me With Your Best Shot’, all mixed in with rare and lesser known favorites. 
Benetar, originally from New York, was welcomed back home by the enthusiastic St. George crowd. The duo was met with applause, cheers, laughs, tears, dancing and singing. The couple gave it right back to the crowd. It was a very intimate acoustic evening with old friends.

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