Deblasio Admits Watching 'Say Yes to The Dress' Instead of Yankees!
by Abe Beame
Bill Deblasio, who said he will not be rooting for the Yankees, confessed that he instead will be watching his favorite show, 'Say Yes to The Dress' ...
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Charlie Brown Meets Jason!
by Victor Miller
A delightful new Peanuts holiday special is coming to ABC this Fall. The new special will have Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th Fame showing up in the pumpkin patch and chopping all the kids heads off. ...
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Yankees Retire #69 to Honor Hugh Hefner!
by Barbi Benton
Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner stated "Hef was a huge part of my childhood. I remember my Dad caught me in the woodshed one time while I was 'studying' the June 1980 edition of Playboy. Bo Derek was on the cover, and let's just say, I wore the crap out of that magazine. ...
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Hillary Clinton Wardrobe Malfunction: 12 Injured!
During a speech at the ladies auxiliary club in Cincinnati Ohio, Hillary Clinton had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Apparently her ‘Spanx’ exploded causing an unfortunate chain reaction. The girdle blew...

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NFL Shocking New Anthem Protest!
by Hugh Janus
The NFL Players have taken protesting to an entirely new level. Before Sundays Game, some players took part in group anal sex with each other. The players claimed this was a way to protest the social injustice in the country."...
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Man Finds Rat Penis in His GabaGool!
by Dennis Morgillo
Vito Strafacci of Staten Island NY had the surprise of his life Saturday night when he got his meal with a little something extra in it. Vito went to his favorite restaurant, “The Spaghetti Bucket” on Hylan...
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Deblasio Stars in German Snuff Film!?
by Karl Heinz-Shalke
It is rumored that on his recent visit to Germany, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio was involved in the German underground scene, and took part in the making of a 'Snuff' film...
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