Melissa Etheridge

State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

Melissa Etheridge
State Theater
New Brunswick, NJ - January 13, 2017

- Dennis Morgillo 

New Brunswick, NJ - Melissa Etheridge is the real deal. As was evident at her concert on Friday the 13th, she says what she means, and means what she says. Melissa leaves it all out there on the stage. 

As one of the few men in attendance, I felt honored to get a glimpse into a secret world. It was a night of love and mutual admiration. The fans truly love Melissa and she reciprocates. As a friend stated, “I was an honorary lesbian” for the night. A Melissa concert is like the female version of a ‘Rush’ concert, but no line for the Men’s room. 

Melissa looked great and sounded even better. With a tight band, she ran through her hits, ‘I Want to Come Over’, ‘Come to My Window’, ‘Bring Me Some Water’, and the incredibly beautiful ‘You Can Sleep While I Drive. 

Melissa changed guitars with almost every song, acoustic, 12 string, Gretsch, Gibson and Fenders. We all know Melissa is an amazing singer songwriter, but who knew that she was such a great guitar player. Melissa displayed beautiful strumming and picking, intertwined with soaring leads and hot licks. 

A nice surprise was when Melissa played songs off her new album: MEmphis Rock and Soul - a collection of covers by Stax R&B legends like Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas and Sam and Dave. The band jammed on the Blues Classics ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’ and ‘Rock Me Baby’. The highlight was a cover of The Staples Singers, ‘Respect Yourself’.

The crowd went crazy during the encore of ‘Like The Way I Do’, which happens to be my favorite Melissa song. We all sang along, as the crowd showed their appreciation, and Melissa gave back. It was a wonderful concert, but I still cant decide who had a better time, us or Melissa Etheridge.  

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