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On This Day in Madhouse History
April 16, 1969

The MC5 were kicked off of their record label, Elektra, for bad words! 

After releasing The MC5’s first album, the classic "Kick Out The Jams" in February 1969, the label’s problems began. The song "Kick Out The Jams" starts out with the phrase "Kick Out The Jams Mother Fudgers". Only they don't say fudge, they say a very bad word. The mother of all bad words. 

Retailers, radio stations, parents, clergy and teachers were incensed and running around like chickens without heads. The world is ending! The world is ending. 

Local Detroit-based department store chain Hudson’s refused to sell the band's album at all. In response, the band bought a full-page ad in a Detroit underground paper that simply said "Fuck Hudson's". 

In turn, Hudson’s decided to pull all Elektra Records products from it's record shelves. They would not sell anything on the Elektra label.
The Elektra weasels went scampering and cowering, and immediately  responded by dropping The MC5 from its roster. 

Behind all the publicity, MC5 signed with Atlantic Records and released 2 more albums, 1970’s Back in the USA and High Time from 1971. 

The MC5 were raw, revolutionary and completely BadAss! They posed with guns, formed the White Panther Party and performed while a riot was going on at the Democratic Convention. Due to drugs, arrests, and the man coming down on them the band broke up. 

The MC5 never achieved commercial success but they will go down as one of the most influential bands of all time. Hudson's is long out of business and no one outside of Detroit has ever heard of the place. ​

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