Masters of the Telecaster

City Winery, NYC

Masters of The Telecaster
Jon Herington, G.E Smith, Jim Weider
City Winery - NYC - 1/10/18
Review by Dennis Morgillo
Photos - Rebecca Wolf

The Fender Telecaster. The worlds first commercially successful solid body electric guitar. It is sleek, beautiful and has been used to create basically every genre of music imaginable. 

On this freezing cold January night in NYC, 3 beautiful players give a master class on what the Telecaster can do in the right hands. 
Masters of the telecaster is the brain child of Jim Weider and G.E Smith and they invite a revolving third player to join them. 

G.E Smith of course, is best known as the bandleader and guitarist extraordinaire on Saturday Night Live for a decade. He was even married to Gilda Radner. G.E toured with Roger Waters, Bob Dylan and spent many years with Hall & Oates. 

Jim Weider is another master of blues and slide guitar that has spent a great deal of time playing with "The Band", "Leveon Helm" and many other Woodstock luminaries. Jim has played with another "Tele" aficionado you might know, Keith Richards. 

The third member tonight, is one of my favorites, Jon Herington. Jon has spent the last 20 years tearing it up with Steely Dan. This guy sure can play. If you can master the guitar playing of Steely Dan, you know you are alright. Jon has also played with Better Midler and fronts his own project, The Jon Herington Band. 
The lovely and very talented Taylor Barton opened up the show. Hey why is G.E Smith up there playing acoustic guitar with her!? Oh, they are married! Who knew? Well they sound great together. The duo performed a beautiful selection of songs from Barton's latest album "House of Light". Taylor has a beautiful voice and is very charming as she quipped, "I am going to play some music before the boys come out here and make a lot of noise". Great set, I loved it. 

The City Winery is packed as the boys come out and start making a lot of noise! The band opened up with "Peter Gunn", trading off blistering solos and warming up those Telecasters. Jon Herington on center stage is up next on vocals and a mean slide Guitar, on his original composition "Mind Over Matter". Jon gives a shout out to his bass player Dennis Espantman who co wrote the catchy tune and happens to be sitting right next to me. 
Jim Weider kills it on a Roy Buchanan tune "Hot Cha". Roy Buchanan is a big influence and Jim dedicates the show to him. G.E Smith takes lead vocals on a really cool Sprinsteen ish tune "Thousand Dollar Car". 

I am enjoying this show immensely. It is an honor to witness players of this magnitude displaying their craft. G.E takes out his lap steel guitar on the beautiful "Tanya".

Check out these songs that follow: "Cinnamon Girl" by Neil Young, "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith, "Call Me The Breeze" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and an amazing version of Steely Dan's "Black Friday".  This to me is the great American Songbook. 

Herington and the boys are smiling from ear to ear. These guys are having fun up there, and the crowd is with them every step of the way. These masters heated up a frigid Varick Street and made a lot of people happy on a cold winter's Thursday night. 

It was an honor and a privilege to celebrate the Fender Telecaster and the musicians that played it with this trio of musicians of the highest caliber. This is a must see show and will definitely be a new annual pilgrimage for me.
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