Marc Anthony

Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

Marc Anthony
Legacy Tour
Prudential Center, Newark NJ
February 16, 2019
Review by Estelle Massry & Dennis Morgillo
Photo Credit: Estelle Massry

Marc Anthony is the King of Latin Music. 
Marco Antonio Muñiz was born and raised in a large, music loving Puerto Rican family in NYC. He was named after Mexican singer Marco Antonio Muñiz.  

Muñiz began his career as a session vocalist for freestyle and underground New York house music acts. He changed his name to Marc Anthony and was an in demand songwriter and backing vocalist. After 1992, he changed his style from freestyle to salsa and other Latin styles, and has never looked back. 

The Prudential Center is packed on a cold winter's night in NJ. This is a homecoming of sorts, as we are right over the bridge from where Anthony grew up. The crowd is on fire tonight though and they are dressed to kill. Dressed for dancing, in High-heels and short dresses.  

When Anthony appears on stage, the crowd goes wild. His fans are passionate, and they are here to have a good time. Not a soul is sitting. They are on their feet, salsa dancing and singing along to every word.
Anthony is giving it right back. He is all over the stage, dancing and flirting. The audience is in the palm of his hands, melting. He is extremely charming and engaging. Every member of the audience feels special. Marc Anthony is singing directly to them. 

I appear to be the only gringa in town tonight, but it doesnt matter. I didnt understand a word anyone was saying, but that didnt matter either. Music transcends all. Being so up close and personal, I am captivated and in a trance.   

The only English spoken was when Anthony told the crowd "We are going to go way back, this sitting down shit doesnt work here, I want to see a party. They need to hear this shit in Washington D.C." The crowd listened and I think they may have heard us at least in Virginia, if not DC. 

Anthony engaged with the crowd, accepting gifts, wrapping himself in flags, dancing and smiling. He was having as much fun up on that stage as we were in the audience. 
Marc Anthony has sold millions of albums worldwide, won countless awards, including Grammy's and Latin Grammy's and is adored the world over. He was married to J-Lo, and is part owner of The Miami Dolphins. You would think a man with all that would rest on his laurels. Well not Marc Anthony. He loves his fans and he loves performing, and they love him.  

Marc Anthony sure heated up the Prudential Center on this cold February night in NJ.  It may have been freezing outside, but it sure was hot up in here. Anthony took us all on a mini vacation for a night, to the hottest party in Puerto Rico. ​ 
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