Lez Zeppelin

Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

Lez Zeppelin

The Stone Pony
Asbury Park, NJ
January 4, 2019
Photos by Estelle Massry
Article by Estelle Massry & Dennis Morgillo

Once upon a time, a magical band called "Led Zeppelin" roamed the earth. They were the best band in all the land during the period known as the 1970's. They were full of sex appeal and swagger. They rocked harder than anyone before them, but unfortunately they were only around for a short time.  

For casual fans or Zeppelin maniacs, whether you saw them live, or you wished you had, the next best thing to Zeppelin in the 1970's is "Lez Zeppelin"! That's right, "Lez Zeppelin" is an all girl tribute band that captures the true essence of the band at it's best.  

On this cold New Jersey January night, The Stone Pony is packed and full of excitement. The band hits the stage and there they are, looking even sexier than the boys did back in 1975. 

Steph Paynes, guitarist extraordinaire, founded the band and rocks the Les Paul and the "Double Neck" with the same skill and swagger of a young "Jimmy Page". Steph dressed in an outfit reminiscent of Page's famous "dragon" outfit from 1975, launches into the opening chords of "Communication Breakdown" and the crowd loves it.

Marlain Angelides, is the lead singer. She is beautiful and sultry and effortlessly captures the sound and elegeance of Robert Plant on stage. Angelides hits notes that Plant hasn't tried in 40 years. She prowls the stage looking like a badass tattooed version of Debbie Harry while sounding like Ann Wilson of Heart.
Bass Player Joan Chew is having a lot of fun up there. Her beautiful infectious smile lights up the stage as she switches between Bass and Keyboards effortlessly.  John Paul Jones is a great bass player and his playing was the backbone of the band. Joan runs through his complex riffs and makes it look easy. 

And of course, last but not least is the drummer, Leesa Harrington Squyres. She has some huge shoes to fill, as John Bonham is considered by many to be the greatest drummer of all time. Her drumming is amazing and her timing is flawless. 

It was an honor and a pleasure to watch "Lez Zeppelin" on this night. An amazing group of musicians that honor the originals. They are the best tribute band I have seen. They capture the true spirit of the band with grace and dignity. 

This band was amazing! I was mesmerized during "How Many More Times", when Steph beautifully recreated Page's "Violin Bow" Guitar Solo. "Kashmir" was breathtaking. It was a night of highlights, the crowd sing along during "The Ocean", the guitar break during "Heartbreaker" and the unexpected but amazing "Trampled Under Foot". 

"Lez Zeppelin" conquered some of the most testosterone fueled, from the groin Rock n Roll songs of all time. They are badass! Girls Rule!     

This is the first time that I ever got chills seeing a tribute band. Forget Greta Van Fleet, I would much rather see "Lez Zeppelin"

Communication Breakdown
Good Times, Bad Times
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
The Ocean
Black Dog
Ramble On
How Many More Times
The Song Remains the Same
Misty Mountain Hop
Trampled Under Foot
Livin' Loving Maid
The Immigrant Song
Rock n Roll
What is and What Should Never Be
Whole Lotta Love
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