Bowery Electric, NYC

Bowery Electric, NYC
November 16, 2016
Author - Dennis Morgillo

L.A.M.F is an acronym for “Like A MotherFucker”, and that sums up Johnny Thunders, The Heartbreakers, and this show, perfectly. 

L.A.M.F is the 1977 Legendary Punk Album by Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers. The album is a collection of songs about dope, junkies, isolation, love, lust and hopelessness.
A document of the NY Punk Scene of the 1970’s. Most of the players are gone now, Johnny in 1991, Jerry Nolan in 1992, and Billy Rath in 2014. 

Jesse Malin of D’Generation assembled a supergroup to pay homage to this classic album. Walter Lure of the Original Heartbreakers, Wayne Kramer of the MC5, Clem Burke of Blondie and Tommy Stinson of the Replacements. What started out as a one off show, turned into multiple shows, and if we are lucky, a lot more. I was fortunate enough to see the late show on Wednesday November 16. 

It was a who’s who of punk rock royalty. The supergroup and guests played the entire album with a few surprises thrown in. The Bowery Electric was packed, and abuzz with excitement. Loud, Crowded, Hot and Sweaty, just the way Punk Rock should be enjoyed.

Even though they only had a few practices, the band was tight, in great spirits and everyone was having fun. Tommy and Clem holding down the rhythm and the back beat, while Wayne and Tommy traded guitar licks perfectly. Vocals were shared by all, including the crowd. 

The Special Guests included Jesse Malin who sang and played on 4 songs, including, ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory’.  Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys took the lead for ‘Goin’ Steady’ and ‘Pirate Love’. Handsome Dick Manitoba joined Wayne on the MC5 classic ‘Kick Out the Jams’ as the whole crowd sang along. HDM jumped into the crowd as Wayne played his Red, White and Blue Guitar. The show closed with Walter Lure, the original Heartbreaker singing The Thunders classic ‘Too Much Junkie Business’.

This was a show that will go down in history. The crowd was a mix of those who were there in 1977, and those who wished they were. This was more than a show. It was a beautiful homage and tribute to all those who paved the way, and are no longer with us. Thunders, Nolan, Rath, Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, Hilly, Stiv and many more. It was a reunion for all of us who lived, breathed and survived the NYC Punk & Drug Scene, which for many was tragically interchangeable. In this crazy age, many of our friends and heroes are leaving us every day. It felt good for one night, to let loose, enjoy old friends, and go back to 1977. 

Born to Lose - Tommy Stinson
Baby Talk - Tommy Stinson
All By Myself - Walter Lure
I Wanna Be Loved - Jesse Malin
It’s Not Enough - Jesse Malin
Chinese Rocks - Walter/Tommy
Get Off the Phone - Walter
Pirate Love - Cheetah Chrome
One Track Mind - Walter
I Love You - Jesse
Goin’ Steady - Cheetah
Let Go - Wayne Kramer
Can’t Keep My Eyes On You - Clem Burke
Do You Love Me - Wayne
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory - Jesse/Tommy
Kick Out the Jams - Handsome Dick Manitoba
Too Much Junkie Business - Walter

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