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On This Day in Madhouse History
April 30, 1976

Rock n Roll Madman and drummer for The Who, Keith Moon, added a whole new dimension to trashing hotel rooms.  

Moon paved the way for Rock n Roll excess. Keith loved sex, booze, drugs, pranks, & destruction. His death defying stunts horrified and terrified those around him. 

But on this day in 1976, it took on a whole new level. Moon paid 9 cab drivers to block off the entire city street in NYC so that he could safely empty the entire contents of his hotel room to the street below. Moon threw mattresses, pillows, TV's, iron's, chairs, tables, coffee makers and everything in the room that was not nailed down out the window. 
Throughout his life, Moon left a path of destruction. On the Smother's Brother's Show, Moon blew up his drum kit and left Pete Townshend with permanent hearing damage. 

On the road with The Herman's Hermits in 1967, Moon left a severed pig's head in the bed of Hermit's drummer Barry Whitwam's bed. 

Over the year's Moon chopped a hotel to bits with an ax, blew up toilets, destroyed waterbeds, started food fights, drove his Rolls Royce into the hotel pool and many more stunts that bordered on insanity. 

Whether these stories are true, fabricated or embellished, Moon was a larger than life figure who enjoyed getting reactions out of those around him. 

We personally would like to believe the NYC Hotel room story is true. We could not locate the cab drivers or any news reports of the event, but things were different in 1976. Without social media, a manager with a lot of money could cover up a lot of trouble. 

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