Joe Jackson

MPAC, Morristown, NJ

Joe Jackson 
Mayo Performing Art Center
Morristown, NJ - June 8, 2017

- Dennis Morgillo

Morristown, NJ -
Joe Jackson, along with Elvis Costello, was the cream of the crop of the British ‘New Wave’ scene of the late 1970’s-1980’s. 
I have seen Jackson Live many times, dating as far back as 1980.  The first time was the Dr. Pepper concert series in Central Park, August 1, 1980 sponsored by the radio station WPLJ. 

‘Fast Forward’ 37 years, and a thousand concerts later, to the beautiful Mayo PAC in Morristown NJ. This time it is a stripped down  Joe Jackson ‘Fast Forward’ tour, to support his excellent 2015 Album of the same name. 

The Mayo PAC is a beautiful theater. The best in NJ. The Excellent acoustics and atmosphere added to the intimate feel of the concert. With the lights set low, Joe hit the stage and joked that he is the opening act tonight. Joe performed 5 songs with just himself and a piano. There was a rousing New Orleans version of ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ by Joni Mitchell. Then, Graham Maby, the bassist, joined Joe for an incredibly cool version of ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him’. Then, guitarist Teddy Kumpel and drummer Doug Yowell joined for ‘Real Men’.

It’s Different For Girls, Another World, Steppin’ Out, One More Time, Sunday Papers. Classic after classic. Bob Marley and Television covers. I just loved hearing the jazzed up versions of his classics, his unique covers and gut wrenching solo performances. 

Jackson is a brilliant songwriter, an extremely talented musician, and has one of the most distinct soulful voices in the business. He has had a very adventurous career, dabbling in all types of musical genres, and always doing it well. His latest work ‘Fast Forward’ is an excellent album, and it shows off his voice and songwriting talents, which are as strong as ever.  I can’t wait to hear what’s next. 

It’s Different for Girls, Home Town, Number Two, Big Yellow Taxi, Fast Forward, Is She Really Going Out With Him?, Real Men, You Can’t Get What You Want, If It Wasn’t for You, Kings of the City, A Little Smile, Another World, Johnny Was, Fabulously Absolute, Sunday Papers, Keep On Dreaming, Ode To Joy, Steppin’ Out, See No Evil, One More Time, Slow Song.

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