Ian Lloyd

Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

Author - Dennis Morgillo
Ian Lloyd singer and songwriter of the 1970’s band ‘Stories’ made his only area appearance Friday Night. Ian Lloyd’s Stories Live on the Jersey Shore  was a perfect event, for an end of summer blowout. 

Ian Lloyd, from NYC, formed the band Stories in 1971 with Michael Brown. The band was only around for a short time but had a handful of charting songs including the #1 smash ‘Brother Louie’ in 1973. Ian Lloyd then embarked on a solo career and sang backup for some notable artists such as Foreigner and Billy Joel. 

Ian Lloyds Stories Live took us on a journey from Stories beginnings, playing all the hits and then taking us right up to Ian’s current solo work. Ian looks amazingly fit and his voice sounds better and stronger than ever. The band led by Ian’s son David Lloyd was tight on Stories classics “I’m Coming Home”, “Mammy Blue” , “Another Love” and an incredible version of “Brother Louie” that included an accordion solo. That certainly was a surprise but sounded great. The journey continued with a surprise version of “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner and then Ian’s solo work including the top 40 “Slip Away” written by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. 
The show ended with Ian’s most recent single, “O-De-Po”, an incredible song which won the Global Marijuana Music Award. The encore was the Stories classic “Please, Please”.

This was an incredible concert, and even though hearing “Brother Louie” will always take me back to 1973 and seeing Ian perform it on the “Midnight Special”, Ian has had a long successful career way beyond “Brother Louie”. Ian is a viable current artist still making great music, including a new Album in the works to be released shortly. 

Check out his impressive catalog, and stay tuned for much more to come from Ian.  Definitely check out Ian Lloyd in concert, it was a great night of music, with incredible singing, playing, memories, surprises and great new and old music.

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