Stevie Wonder

Happy Birthday

Stevland Hardaway Judkins
May 13, 1950

Saginaw, Michigan

In honor of Stevie Wonder's birthday, we will celebrate by giving you some little known facts about the man. Happy Birthday Stevie and thanks for the music sir!

1. Little Stevie The Prodigy
By the time Little Stevie Wonder was 7, he could play virtually every instrument. He mastered the Harmonica, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Violin, Sousaphone, Flugelhorn, Kazoo, Spoons, Washboard, Skin Flute, Tuba & Banjo. 

2. Stevie was not really blind. 
Madhouse Magazine has uncovered the shocking truth! See the actual pictures that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Stevie Wonder, is in fact, NOT BLIND! Private Investigator William McCovey, tracked Stevie for 2 years, and over 7 different countries, chronicling Stevie’s active lifestyle. A lifestyle that included driving a car, water skiing, skeet shooting, watch making, bird watching and diamond cutting. 

3. Stevie has 57 kids with 58 women
Stevie has always been very active in the making whoopie category. He has apparently fathered 57 kids with 58 women. He met the women on "blind dates". Here is a partial list: with Tomeeka Robyn Bracy: Nia and Zaiah; with Kai Millard Morris: Mandla Kadjaly and Kailand; with Melody McCulley: Mumtaz; with Yolanda Simmons: Keita and Aisha; Mothers' names unavailable publicly: Kwame and Sophia. 

4. Stevie performed in 10 different locations in 1 day
In the late 1960s, Stevie once performed in ten locations in one night: the Carter Barron Amphitheatre in Washington, D.C.; the Lincoln Memorial (for a show hosted by First Lady Pat Nixon), Baltimore, filling in for an ill Marvin Gaye, The Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower, The Berlin Wall, The Kremlin, Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House & Mount Everest! Stevie was so tired after that day of performing that he took an entire weekend off. 

5. Stevie hid his harmonica in his rectum in Russia
Harmonica's were banned in The Soviet Union because they drove Stalin crazy. When Stevie made his first tour there, he had to hid his Harmonica up his ass to avoid detection. It worked until he farted and blew Fingertips. It almost created an International incident, but Berry Gordy Jr. smoothed it over. 

6. Drive My Car
In 1973, Stevie was in a serious auto accident while on tour in North Carolina. His car hit the back of a truck. Stevie was driving the car at the time. The singer was in a coma for four days and suffered a partial loss of his sense of smell. For fun, Stevie now enjoys farting in crowded elevators and watching people pass out while he can't smell a thing. 

7. Elton John often pulled pranks on Stevie
During the recording of "That's What Friends Are For", Elton John often pulled pranks on Stevie. For one trick, Elton replaced Stevie's braille book with a cheese grater. Elton laughed hysterically when Stevie came back with cuts all over his hands and commented "that was the most violent book I ever read". 

We kid Stevie Wonder of course. The man is a musical genius and we love him. He has won an Oscar, about 500 grammy's, is in every Hall of Fame imaginable and has written and performed some of the greatest songs of our time. He is the only artist to win the Grammy for album of the year for three consecutive albums — 1973’s “Innervisions,” 1974’s, “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” and 1976’s “Songs in the Key of Life.” Paul Simon won in 1975 and joked "I want to thank Stevie Wonder for not releasing an album this year." Happy Birthday Stevie!

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