Rod Stewart

Happy Birthday

Roderick David Stewart
January 10, 1945
Highgate, London, England

"Rod the Mod" with his distinctive raspy singing voice and rooster haircut came to prominence in the late 1960's with The Jeff Beck Group. 

The "Faces" followed in 1969. The band consisted of Ronnie Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagen and Kenney Jones. From 1969-1975 Stewart alternated between a solo career and The Faces. 

The Faces were a hard drinking, hard partying, womanizing band of rowdies. They recorded the classic "Stay With Me" and toured the world. 

Meanwhile Stewart released "Every Picture Tells a Story", "Never a Dull Moment", and the singles "Maggie May" and "Reason to Believe" made Stewart a household name. ​
In 1975 after the Faces broke up, Stewart was a full fledged solo artist. He moved to Los Angeles and basked in the celebrity lifestyle. He dated models and actresses and hob knobbed with the elite. 

In 1976 Stewart released "A Night on the Town" featuring "Tonight's the Night". It went platinum. 

The hits continued through out the decades as Rod dabbled in all styles of music. His "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" was a hit on the Rock and Disco charts. Stewart dabbled with New Wave, and interpreting the Great American Songbook. 

Stewart is a great voice, interpreter, singer and songwriter. A true rock star for the ages. Rod is one in a million! One of the greatest artists of all time, Rod has produced some of the greatest music ever recorded. Cheers!

Happy Birthday Rod Stewart!
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