Happy Birthday Robby Krieger

– Illustration By Paul King Art – Happy Birthday Robby Krieger (January 8)! Robert Alan Krieger is best known as the Guitarist for the iconic 1960’s band, The Doors. 

Robby is an incredible, inventive guitarist that can play any style. Rock, Blues, Jazz Fusion, Flamenco, you name it. 

When forming The Doors, Jim Morrison told the band to go home over the weekend and everyone should try writing a song. On Monday Robby came back with a complete ‘Light My Fire’! Yes that’s correct, the first song he ever wrote and it is the incredibly classic, some might say best song ever, ‘Light My Fire’. All songwriters should now take time to think about the first song they ever wrote and compare. 

About the Artist: Paul W. King is a musician, singer/songwriter, engineer and acclaimed artist. His illustrations are true works of art. Check out all of his incredible Rock n Roll Caricatures.

Besides being an incredible songwriter and guitarist, Robby should have received hazard pay during his time in The Doors, considering that it was his responsibility to corral Jim Morrison. Poor Robby just wanted to play Guitar and he is busy searching all over L.A and trying to sober up an insanely drunk Jim. Happy Birthday Robby! 


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