John Paul Jones

Happy Birthday

John Paul Jones
January 3, 1946
Sidcup, Kent, England

John Paul Jones aka "JPJ" or "Jonesy" is best known as the Bass Player for the legendary supergroup Led Zeppelin. 

But Jonesy is so much more. Prior to Led Zeppelin he was a very sought after session musician and arranger. After Led Zeppelin he has produced, arranged and collaborated with some of the biggest artistsof the day.

During his heydey with Led Zeppelin, Jones was the main influence on a generation of kids who took up the Bass. 

As half of Led Zeppelin's rhythm section with drummer John Bonham, Jones shared an appreciation for funk and soul rhythmic grooves which strengthened and enhanced their musical affinity.
​Jones' diverse contributions to the group extended to the use of other instruments, including an unusual triple-necked acoustic instrument consisting of a six and a twelve string guitar, and a mandolin. Jones often used bass pedals to supplement the band's sound while he was playing keyboards and mandolin. On the band's 1977 tour of the United States, Jones would sing lead vocals on "The Battle of Evermore," filling in for Sandy Denny, who had sung on the studio version.

While all members of Led Zeppelin had a reputation for off-stage excess (a label that has been claimed was exaggerated),  Jones was widely seen as the most quiet and reserved member of the group. For his part, Jones has claimed that he had just as much fun on the road as his bandmates but was more discreet about it, stating "I did more drugs than I care to remember. I just did it quietly. "Benoit Gautier, an employee of Atlantic Records in France, echoed this impression, stating that "The wisest guy in Led Zeppelin was John Paul Jones. Why? He never got caught in an embarrassing situation."

Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!
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