Happy Birthday

Tracy Lauren Marrow
February 16, 1958
Newark, NJ

Ice-T is a talented musician, rapper, songwriter, actor, pimp, gangsta, record producer, record executive, cellist and author.

Tracy aka Ice-T was born in Newark, NJ. His father Solomon worked as a conveyor belt mechanic. When his father was named as assistant to the assistant conveyor belt manager, the family moved uptown to Summit, NJ. 

Tragically, his parents both died when Ice was very young. Ice-T lived in the forest where he was raised by wolves and then eventually moved in with an Aunt in Los Angeles. Ice shared a room with his cousin Earl, who turned him onto Heavy Metal Music. By the age of 12, Ice had his own apartment which he paid for by selling weed and stealing. 
With a pregnant girlfriend, Ice joined the Army where he read Iceberg Slim books and loved Hip Hop music. Ice hung out with pimps, robbed banks and learned to rap. Ice was influenced by "Schooly D".

Some say "Gangsta Rap" can be traced directly back to Ice-T's first song "6 in the Mornin". The song's popularity convinced Ice that he should rap about Los Angeles gang life. NWA and all those that came after, claimed Ice-T was a big influence. 

Ice-T went on to release many more classic albums and was involved in numerous projects. Ice collaborated with Jello Biafra, Black Flag, Slayer, Motorhead, Janes Addiction and formed the Heavy Metal band "Body Count".  

Ice-T became an accomplished actor, appearing in about 100 movies including "New Jack City", "Rappin", "Breakin", "CB4", "Surviving the Game" and the classic "FrankenPenis".  Ice has appeared on "Law and Order" for many years. 

Ice-T's greatest accomplishment just may be, marrying the stunningly beautiful "Coco". God has never created a creature more perfect. Ice-T and Coco now live happily in NJ. 

Thank You for the music and entertainment. Happy Birthday Ice-T!
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