Henry Rollins

Happy Birthday

Henry Lawrence Garfield
February 13, 1961
Washington D.C

Henry Rollins was raised in Washington D.C. Little Henry suffered from depression and low self-esteem. In the fourth grade, he was diagnosed with hyperactivity and took Ritalin for several years so that he could focus during school. It is believed growing up near a town full of lying politicians is harmful to a child's well being. 

Rollins' life was forever changed after he heard the Ramones debut album. "It was like heroin" claimed Henry. 

After joining Black Flag in 1981, Rollins quit his job at Häagen-Dazs, sold his car, and moved to Los Angeles. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Rollins got the Black Flag logo tattooed on his left biceps, his right testicle and also on the back of his neck. He also chose the stage name of Rollins.
Henry was lead singer of "Black Flag" from 1981 - 1986. Black Flag were  an integral part of the "Hardcore" scene. 

 Henry developed an intese, violent persona on stage. He was incredible. Pacing back and forth, lunging, lurching, growling; Rollins often would get into violent confrontations with the audience. 

The usual nonsense and in fighting caused the end of Black Flag in 1986. Rollins then formed the "Rollins Band". 

Besides being a singer, he is also an actor, writer, television and radio host, and comedian. He hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, and is a regular columnist for Rolling Stone Australia and was a regular columnist for LA Weekly. Henry appeared as  White Supremacist on "Sons of Anarchy". 

The 1981 Black Flag album "Damaged" is considered a punk classic. "TV Party", "Six Pack", "Rise Above", "Thirsty and Miserable" were the soundtrack for disenfranchised youth of the time. Rollins is a true renaissance man. 

Thank You for the music and Happy Birthday Henry Rollins!
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