Carole King

Happy Birthday

Carol Joan Klein
February 9, 1942
New York City, New York

Carole King is the most successful female songwriter of all time, having cowritten every song released between 1955 and 1999.

Carol was born smack dab in the heart of World War 2 to Sidney and Eugenia Klein in NYC. Carol had perfect pitch and started piano lessons at age 4. She was a natural and was insatiable about learning all there was about singing and musical theory. She often sang in the subway for pennies.

Carol met her future husband and songwriting partner, Gerry Goffin when they were attending Queens college. After Carol got pregnant at age 17, they married. Carol is still not sure how that happened. They quit college, got day jobs and continued writing songs at night. 

The songwriting duo hit it big in 1960 when they wrote the #1 hit for The Shirelles, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", The next day the duo wrote the song "Take This Job and Shove it" as they quit their day jobs to be full time songwriters. 

During the 1960's, the duo wrote over 1,100 songs including: "The Loco Motion",
 "One Fine Day", "Pleasant Valley Sunday" and "Natural Woman".

By 1968, Goffin was a complete jerk and King dumped him and moved to California with an aching in her heart. Laurel Canyon was a calling. While in California she became friends with Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. Amazing things are about to happen.   
"Tapestry" was released in 1971 and became an instant success. The album went platinum in 7 hours and staright to #1. It stayed on the charts for over 40 years and sold over 1 billion albums worldwide. It won every grammy that year and became an instant classic. 

Every girl in the country owned a copy of "Tapestry". Millions of college girls cried themselves to sleep at night wearing that album out. It was the voice of a generation. The soundtrack to the women's movement. 

"Natural Woman", "It's Too Late", "You've Got a Friend", "I Feel The Earth Move", "So Far Away", "Beautiful", "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", "Smackwater Jack", and "Where You Lead". It was like a greatest hits album. Every song better than the next. It was pure genius. 

Carole has been married 4x and has 4 children. 4 children by 5 men. She curently lives in Idaho. 

A broadway show, "Beautiful" has been created, based on King's life. It has been  getting rave reviews and setting records. I dont know which records, but I am sure they are cool.  

Carole King is an American Treasure, creating some of the most important music of our time. Every female singer/songwriter that has followed, owes a debt of gratitude to Carole King. She accepts checks. Carole is one of a kind talent. I am thankful I was able to walk the earth at the same time she did, and get to see her perform. 

Thank You for the music and Happy Birthday Carole King!
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