Alice Cooper

Happy Birthday

Vincent Damon Furnier
February 4, 1948
Detroit, Michigan

Alice Cooper is the godfather of shock rock. Whatever that means. It sounds cool to be a godfather of anything though. Why is it always the godfather? Why isn't anyone the second cousin of rock? 

Regardless, Alice Cooper is cool AF! Alice incorporated horror, makeup, and theatrics to create a shocking and elaborate stage show. Alice used snakes, guillotines, dead babies, electric chairs, fake blood and severed heads. 

Vincent was born in Detroit and moved to Arizona where he was a star member of the track team. Little Vinnie ran like the wind. Vincent and his track team friends formed a band called the Nazz, but changed it to 'Alice Cooper' in 1968 when they found out Todd Rundgren already had a band called The Nazz. 'Alice Cooper' consisted of Furnier on vocals and harmonica, Glen Buxton on lead guitar, Michael Bruce on rhythm guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass guitar, and Neal Smith on drums. The original Alice Cooper band released its first album 'Pretties For You' in 1969.

The band was managed by Shep Gordon and signed by Frank Zappa. The Alice Cooper Band's shock rock reputation was solidified after "The Great Chicken Incident" of 1969. Alice threw a live chicken into the audience assuming it would fly away. However, it did not, and it was torn to shreds by some whackos in wheelchairs in the front row. Zappa told Alice to play it up and tell the press that he drank the blood of the chicken. 
The band's first 2 albums were unsuccessful, and the band relocated to Detroit, sick of California and their laid back attitude. The next album "Love it to Death" proved to be the band's breakout success with the smash "I'm 18". 

The albums "Killer", "School's Out", "Billion Dollar Babies", and "Muscle of Love" followed. Single after single made the band one of the most popular bands of the 1970's. "Under My Wheels", "Be My Lover", "Schools Out", "Elected", Hello Hooray", "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "Teenage Lament 74" and many more made Alice a household name. 

The band and Alice were everywhere during the 70's. Vincent legally changed his name to Alice Cooper and he became the band. Alice appeared on game shows, talk shows, and developed a serious drinking problem. I recall vividly watching Alice on The Midnight Special and Don Kirshner, and of course the "Welcom to My Nightmare" TV special on ABC.  

My parents hated him and were terrified by him. I loved him that much more because of it.

Alice has been married for many years, and is an avid golfer. With an exciting new band, fresh with young incredible musicians, Alice is still out there doing it. 

Thanks for the music and Happy Birthday Alice Cooper!
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