The Grammy's

Funniest Moments

The Grammy's Funniest Moments

The first Grammy's was held in Frank Sinatra's garage in May of 1959. They all got drunk on cheap wine and Sinatra won all the awards. 

Since that first awards show, The Grammy's have become a Billion dollar business. The Grammy's have always been accused of being out of touch and favoring the Pop side of the music industry. Over the years there have been scandals, drama, shenanigans and ridiculous behavior. Check out our gallery of the Grammy's Funniest Moments of all time.
Who could forget the time, a young Andrew Lincoln ran on stage during Bob Dylan's performance. Lincoln best known as Rick Grimes in "The Walking Dead" was a young struggling actor at the time. He ran on stage shirtless, with "Soy Bomb" written on his chest. Lincoln proceeeded to do a crazy dance while Bob Dylan did his best to ignore the man. Lincoln was then tased and dragged off stage. 
The next moment shows just how out of touch The Grammy's are. 90 year old Tony Bennett won "Heavy Metal Song of the year in 2009". When giving his speech, Bennett said "Heavy Metal? whats that? you mean like The Beatles?". 
2015 was a shocker when Madonna defecated on the red carpet! Madonna is always one to push the envelope, but this was outrageous even for her. To make matters worse, Stevie Wonder stepped it in it. 
In 2009, a very pregnant "MIA" gave birth on stage during her performance with "Lil Wayne", "Jay-Z" and Kanye. Kanye assisted with the birth while Lil Wayne chewed through the umbilical cord. Jay Z passed out.  
2014 was the year Pharrell burst onto the scene wearing his "Big Hat". The hat has an interesting background as it was used in the 1950's wetern movie "Yellow River" starring I.P Daily. The hat is now in The Smithsonian. 
In 1984, Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox showed up dressed as a man. No one knew who she was. She made her way into the men's room and took a crap in the urinal. Sweet Dreams are made of these!
Adele so upset that she won, broke her Grammy in half to share with Beyonce. "Here Beyonce" said Adele, "have some, you deserve it." Beyonce sneered at the broken Grammy and said "bitch, I dont want your leftovers."
Prince's face says it all in this picture. Prince presenting an award, dissed the entire industry saying, "y'all suck, y'all medioce at best." Prince then did 7 splits and backflipped out of the arena. 
And of course, who could forget the time Eminem groped Elton John, as Queen Latifah married them in a mock ceremony. That was a shining moment in grammy history. 

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