Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

(with Sister Salvation, Lyken 21, Tilted, Metal Mike)
Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ
March 9, 2019
Article & Photographs By Estelle Massry
Additional Article Contributions by Dennis Morgillo
Dokken had their first brush with success in 1984 with the release of "Tooth and Nail". The album sold over 1 million copies in the U.S alone, and contained the classic songs:  "Just Got Lucky", "Alone Again", and "Into the Fire".    
The 1980's were good to Dokken, as they were hugely successful and influential. In 1986, "Under Lock and Key" sold over a million copies and produced the singles "In My Dreams", "The Hunter" and "It's Not Love". In 1987 they released another million seller, "Back for the Attack" and had hit songs with "Burning Like a Flame", "Heaven Sent" and "Prisoner".

Dokken toured continually and were known for their incredible high energy performances. The band played with some of the biggest names in Metal, and in 1988 were part of the "Monsters of Rock Tour". They even received a Grammy nomination! 
Over the years, there have been breakups, solo albums, reformations, lineup changes, and reunions. The current lineup consists of original drummer Mick Brown, guitarist Jon Levin, bassist Chris McCarvill and of course Don Dokken. 
The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ is a legendary Metal venue. It is packed to capacity tonight and the crowd is excited. A blue haze comes over the stage as the announcer commands us to welcome Dokken. The band is onstage playing, as Don Dokken, (that is a such a cool Rock n Roll name) strolls on stage looking cool AF. The man is dressed in black, with shades, hat, leather, scarves and rings. The crowd erupts as he breaks into "Kiss of Death" off of "Back For The Attack". 
The band sounds tight as can be tonight. Dokken's voice is in excellent form and of course Drummer "Wild" Mick Brown is flawless. The 2 "new guys" are a great addition. They are extremely handsome and talented. Jon Levin is a crazy man up there on stage and plays a beatiful lead guitar. His sound is rich and the licks are superb. He is a true guitar hero. Chris McCarvill plays a mean Bass and adds some beautiful backing vocals. Dare I say, the band never sounded better!?
Dokken powers through their greatest hits, and a few surprises. It is great seeing Dokken in such an intimate setting. The crowd knows every word, and they sing along, bang their heads and pump their fists. 

"It's Not Love" featured an incredible Bass solo by McCarvill which led into a cover of "Alright Now" by Free. Don Dokken was charming and his banter with the crowd and the band was a lot of fun. After an incredible version of "In My Dreams", Dokken asked the crowd to pick the final song of the night, but before they had a chance, they launched into the signature closer, "Tooth and Nail". 

It was a fun night of 80's infectious melodies and banging riffs. I love the 80's, and Dokken was the best. Who could forget when rock stars were rock stars and the hair was as high as they were.  It was a great, fun, intimate performance. I would definitely recommend checking out Dokken on this tour.

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