David Duchovny

Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

David Duchovny
The Stone Pony
Asbury Park, NJ - February 24, 2017

- Dennis Morgillo 

Asbury Park, NJ - Don’t think for a minute that this is just another actor that wants to be a Rock Star. David Duchovny is so good, it appears as if he is a Rock Star who just happens to act. 

I showed up to the Stone Pony to see David Duchovney, and walked into a sea of people. Are the Beatles playing tonight? The club was packed wall to wall with adoring fans. 

Duchovny has a new album out called ‘Hell or Highwater’. ‘Hell’ is an excellent album, filled with catchy rock tunes, intelligent lyrics, and emotion filled, singer/songwriter ballads. His voice reminds me of Iggy Pop, which is a huge compliment where I come from. 

Duchovny hit the stage, and the crowd went crazy.  The band kicked it off with the rocking ‘3000’. I knew David was the real deal when I saw he was wearing an Alice Cooper T-Shirt. David roamed the stage like a Rock Star. He was really enjoying himself out there, and so was the crowd. Young girls lined the front of the stage wearing ‘Duchovny’ T-Shirts and singing along to every song, as they gazed at him lovingly. 

David made it hard on the security staff as he left the stage many times, and made his way through the crowd. Shaking hands, dancing, hugging. At one point he even brought a woman from the crowd on stage to dance. 

The band was tight as they played songs from ‘Hell or Highwater’ mixing in a few excellent cover songs. The funky ‘Stay’ by David Bowie, ‘The Weight’ by The Band, and the crowd pleasing ‘Sweet Jane’ by Lou Reed.   

It was an excellent show. Women were swooning, men were grooving, and everyone left happy. David Duchovny put on one hell of a show. This was a far cry from the days when William Shatner sang Mr. Tambourine Man! This actor can Rock! As my uncle Vito would say…
“Come for the actor, stay for the music!”

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