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May 4, 1974

The Kids & Me is the ninth studio album by Billy Preston, released in 1974, after his famous tour in Europe. This album included "You Are So Beautiful", later covered by Joe Cocker, and the hit single "Nothing from Nothing". The album featured Soul, R&B, Gospel, Rock, Funky Instrumentals as well as beautiful ballads. 

The album's dedication, reflected in the title, was to St. Elmo's Village, an inner-city children's recreation centre, located in mid-city Los Angeles.

Billy Preston just came back from a tour of Europe, played with The Beatles & The Stones and had a #1 hit with "Will it Go Round in Circles". Preston was even thought of as the 5th Beatle and the band contemplated asking him to join permanently. Of course Preston had the best afro of 1974 and it stayed on the charts for 46 weeks. 
"Nothing from Nothing" is a song written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher and recorded by Billy Preston for his 1974 album The Kids & Me. The song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week in October 1974, becoming Preston's second solo chart-topper in the United States (following his 1973 hit "Will It Go Round in Circles"). It spent four and a half months on the chart.

Preston performed "Nothing from Nothing" later on Saturday Night Live—the first musical performance ever on the show. The song was also used in late 2002 for all GM brand commercials, and prominently featured in the 2008 film Be Kind Rewind.

The album also featured the instrumental "Struttin", as well as the beautiful ballad "You are so Beautiful". Not many people know that Preston wrote "You are so Beautiful", which became a huge hit for Joe Cocker and went on to become one of the most recorded songs and a favorite for weddings.

Track Listing
Side One
"Tell Me You Need My Loving" – 2:42
"Nothing from Nothing" – 2:33
"Struttin'" (Preston, George Johnson, Louis Johnson) – 2:31
"Sister Sugar" – 3:01
"Sad Sad Song" – 2:27
"You Are So Beautiful" – 4:44

Side Two
"Sometimes I Love You" (Preston) – 3:12
"St. Elmo" (Preston) – 2:26
"John the Baptist" (Preston, John Schuler) – 3:19
"Little Black Boys and Girls" – 2:28
"Creature Feature" (Preston, Hubert Heard) – 3:27

Billy Preston: keyboards, piano, vocals
Tony Maiden, Joe Walsh: guitar
Bobby Watson: bass guitar
Al Perkins: banjo
Kenneth Luper, Hubert Head: keyboards
Manuel Kellough: drums

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