Bash & Pop

The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

Tommy Stinson Bash & Pop
The Saint
Asbury Park, NJ - January 20, 2017

- Dennis Morgillo 

Asbury Park, NJ - Tommy Stinson, Bash & Pop, and The Saint, are a perfect combination. Stinson, Bassist for the Replacements, formed Bash & Pop in 1992 after the ‘Mats broke up. The Replacements were a Minnesota punk band considered by many to be the pioneers of alternative rock. Bash & Pop recorded one album in 1992 and disbanded. Stinson recently reformed Bash & Pop and released the excellent album ‘Anything Could Happen’.  

The Saint is the perfect place to see Bash & Pop. A small Punk club in NJ, known in some circles as the CBGB’s of the Jersey Shore. 

The show opened with a killer, rocking set by the So So Glos out of Brooklyn. They set the tone for the night with 45 minutes of old school punk and attitude, from their new album ‘Kamikaze’.

Bash & Pop took the stage, fresh off a wrestling match with Steven Colbert, and hit the ground running. The set list for Bash & Pop is just a list of suggestions, as they deviated quite frequently. Every song is infectious, catchy, insightful and witty.  ‘Zero To Stupid’, ‘UnFu*k You’, ‘Fast and Hard’, and ‘Tiny Pieces’. They even threw in a cover of the Stones classic ‘Rip This Joint’. 

The beauty for me, of Tommy Stinson, The Replacements, and Punk music in general is the spontaneity. Nothing is staged, contrived or pre planned. This was evident immediately, as Tommy tuned guitars between songs, started and stopped a song because he didn’t like the way the guitar was tuned, and then jokingly cursed the crowd for giving him crap for it.    

The highlight for me, came at the end of the show, when Tommy’s amp blew out. Instead of having a fit and storming off stage like a diva, Tommy grabbed his acoustic guitar and performed the rest of the show from atop the Bar! That is something you won’t see everyday. We laughed and sang along with our old friend Tommy. It was an intimate, magical moment of music, that I will cherish forever.

Bash & Pop are Stinson on Guitar and Vocals, Steve Slevidge on Lead Guitar, Justin Perkins on Bass, and Drummer Joe Sirois. Check them out On Tour, and get the new album ‘Anything Could Happen’!

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