Andrea Bocelli

Metropolitan Opera, NYC

Andrea Bocelli
Three Centuries of Love
Metropolitan Opera, NYC
February 17, 2019
Review by Dennis Morgillo & Carolann Morgillo
Photo Credit: Luca Rossetti

As you take your first steps onto the grounds of Lincoln Center, you can feel the excitement. Then you walk passed the majestic fountain and enter the buidling, and you know you have never been anywhere quite so special as The Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.  
The Metropolitan Opera was founded in 1883, with its first opera house built on Broadway and 39th Street. This building opened in 1966. You can feel the history as you enter the multi story lobby. Murals by Chagall grace the walls with a grand staircase connecting the levels. Incredible chandeliers, scultpures, gold leaf, velour, bronze and Italian marble make for quite a grand entrance. 

We are politely ushered to our seats and we take the time to drink in the beautiful architecture, lighting and people watching. It's a mixed crowd, tuxedos and gowns mixing with jeans and boots. Jeans!? Come on people, it's the opera, no jeans! 

The lights dim and the orchestra starts to play "Navarraise". Immediately a chill sweeps over me. I am woozy, is it the Prosecco I had earlier? No, it's definitely the music. (Well maybe, the Prosecco a little bit). The theater is filled with the most beautiful music you have ever heard.   

Then the man of the evening appears.  Andrea Bocelli enters with the 'Guest Conductor' for the evening, Eugene Kohn. The applause lasts for a full minute and then Bocelli begins to sing. You can hear a pin drop. The acoustics are amazing. It is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. 
It is Valentine's Week in NYC, and love is in the air. The theme of the show is "Three Centuries of Love". Even though I do not understand Italian, I understand that love is the universal language, and a tear comes to my eye. 

The beautiful and talented soprano, Aida Garifullina joined Bocelli for a duet from Rigoletto, "Addio, addio". Hearing these two amazing voices filling the theater gave me chills again. Aida would grace us with her voice again, performing a solo and another duet with Bocelli.  

One of the many highlights of the evening was Bocelli singing "La donna è mobile". The audience sang along quietly and played "air maestro" with pretend batons. 

Isabel Leonard, mezzo-soprano and Nadine Sierra soprano, are equally as beautiful as talented. They were blessed with incredible singing voices and wore lovely gowns. They looked like Disney Princesses, as they joined Bocelli for duets and Isabel performed a solo. Bass-baritone Luca Pisaroni joined at the end of the evening for a memorable performance.
It was an evening of total perfection, both visibly and audibly. Every note was perfect, the stage, the orchestra, the opera house, the maestro, all perfect. 

Andrea Bocelli, is considered by many to be one of the greatest voices of our lifetime, if not of all time. He will go down in history with Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Enrico Caruso. It was an honor and privilege to witness greatness live and in person. Bocelli's voice is a true gift from God, and I was lucky enough to share in this gift for an evening.  

Andrea Bocelli has the most beautiful voice in the world. It should be on everyone's bucket list to see him at least once. It will be a life changing moment. 
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