Adam Ant

MAYO PAC, Morristown, NJ

Adam Ant
Mayo PAC
Morristown, NJ,  July 20, 2018
Article & Photos By Dennis Morgillo​

Adam Ant is a true original. No one dances like Adam, dresses like Adam, sings like Adam or makes music like Adam does. 

Where did the sound come from? There was nothing like Adam and the Ants in 1980 when “Kings of the Wild Frontier” was released. It was ground breaking. It was fresh and original and started the whole post punk, new romantic era. Adam was a perfect match for MTV and they embraced each other. 

Adam released what seemed like an endless stream of amazing albums and songs throughout the 1980’s, with and without “The Ants”. Anthems like “Ant Music”, “Stand and Deliver”, “Strip”, “Vive Le Rock”, “Goody Two Shoes” and so much more. It was fun, danceable, drum pounding, hip shaking, panty dropping, infectious music. Who doesn’t like Adam Ant? 

Adam Ant brought his Anthems: The Singles Tour to NJ on a beautiful July night. The Mayo PAC in Morristown NJ was abuzz with excitement. 

“Soraia” out of Philly, was the opening band. Damn they were good. I love when the opening band kicks ass! “Soraia" is fronted by the lovely and extremely talented Zou Zou Mansour.  With a huge powerful, yet beautiful voice, Zou Zou prowled and commanded that stage like a boss. If that’s not enough, there is a beautiful and talented drummer as well, Brianna Sig. The guys weren’t bad either. Mike Reisman on Guitar and Travis Smith on Bass brought it all together. I love this band. It is straight ahead, no nonsense, in your face, raw Rock n Roll. “Soraia” did a great job, they are my new favorites.

Adam hit the stage looking great. Fit and trim and full of life. His voice was amazing, the band was amazing. “Beat My Guest”, “Dog Eat Dog”, “Puss n Boots”, “Young Parisians”. They played all the hits, the anthems, plus a few surprises. The crowd was completely delighted, as they sang, danced and smiled the entire show. Adam is a legend, the songs are the soundtrack of the 80’s and our lives. 

After an amazing set, the first encore was “Goody Two Shoes”. What a song! I defy you not to dance during this song! Followed by “Lady/Fall In”, “Red Scab” and the closer “Physical”. It was an incredible night, an incredible concert. I have seen Adam many times over the years, and he seems to be getting better. Adam is one of a kind, a once in a lifetime entertainer. A true original. I am glad I was there to witness and take part in the magic. 
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