Ace Frehley

St. George Theater, Staten Island, NY

Ace Frehley
St. George Theater, Staten Island, NY 2/2/2018
​by Dennis Morgillo

Can we be honest? I was never a big Kiss fan. Growing up in Queens in the 1970’s, there were a few camps you could belong to. Classic Rock, Punk, Disco, Metal or Kiss. 
I was into Led Zeppelin, NY Dolls, Ramones and The Stones. For the kids that chose the Kiss path, it was usually their first experience with rock music. The Kiss kids usually had no cool older relatives to guide them. I however, being the youngest of 5 older siblings, thought Kiss was beneath my 10 year old sensibilities. I was wise beyond my years. I did own “Kiss Alive” though. 

With that stated, I always thought Ace Frehley was the coolest in the band, followed by Peter Criss. I have a love hate relationship with Gene Simmons, and I always thought Paul Stanley was a douche. 

As I got older, I developed a plan to become a better person. The plan included letting go of my hangups surrounding music. I did not allow myself to like certain music due to exterior influences. I put that aside and just listened to the music. I learned to like all types of music that my younger self would not allow me to. I learned to like Prince, The Carpenters, Michael Jackson, and Kiss to name just a few. 

I have never been to a Kiss (or Solo) concert, so when I saw Ace Frehley was coming to NY, I decided to check it out. As I stated, Ace was my favorite, and seemed like a real cool guy. He loved great music like Hendrix & The Stones, and was a damn good guitar player. 

What better place to see Ace then the amazingly beautiful and ornate St. George Theater in NY. Ace’s hometown. I was pleasantly surprised. Very pleasantly surprised. Ace was cool. The music was great. The band kicked ass. 

It was a great night of music, a nice mix of solo Ace tunes, Kiss classics and covers. 
Ace was in great form, his singing was tight, his playing was flawless. The band is amazing. Chris Wyse on Bass, Richie Scarlet on Guitar, Scott Coogan on drums, and they can all sing. 

They hit the stage hard with “Rip it Out”, “Hard Times” and the Stones cover “2000 Man”. There was a killer Bass solo by Chris Wyse, a great guitar showdown between Ace and Richie, and a terrific job on drums and vocals by Scott Coogan. Richie Scarlet, The Emperor of Rock n Roll, a NY guitar hero, is a star in his own right.  Scarlet is a great addition next to Ace. Scarlet embodies the Rock guitar god perfectly. His playing flows and complements Ace, without overpowering him. The band is so exciting you don’t know who to look at first. “NY Groove”, and then they closed the show with the Kiss classics “Cold Gin”, “Detroit Rock City” and “Deuce”!  Nice!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first “Kiss” experience. I highly recommend checking out Ace when he comes to your town. One more hangup gone. I like Kiss, I love Ace! But I still think Paul is a douche.

Set List:        
Rip It Out
Hard Times
2000 Man
Rock Soldiers
Bass Solo
Strange Ways
Love Gun
New York Groove
2 Young 2 Die
Guitar Doodles
Shock Me
Cold Gin
Detroit Rock City

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