Debbie Harry

History of Cool Episode #4

History of Cool
Episode #4
Debbie Harry

In a world that has lost it's cool, we are going to remind you what cool looks like.
In a world where fluff takes precedence over substance, we are going to remind you what cool sounds like. Debbie Harry is cool. Damn Cool. Cool and beautiful. Could be the coolest chick in Rock n Roll, and most likely the most beautiful. 

Debbie Harry, raised in NJ, is a singer, songwriter, and actress. With her distinctive photogenic features and two-tone bleached-blonde hair, Harry quickly became a punk icon. She was the queen of punk, but dabbled in Disco and Rap. Was she Blondie, or Debbie, or a combination of both? Whoever she was, it worked. She combined cool sexuality with back alley, street wise style. 

Blondie the band, sold over 40 million albums with an eclectic mix of musical styles incorporating elements of disco, pop, reggae, and early rap music. Described by those who know her, as beautiful inside and out, Debbie is a role model, a feminist, a rock star and cool as fuck. 

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